Why you CAN and Should Start Now

Why you CAN and should start now


and why you CAN’T afford to wait.


Having a trained dog is a joyful experience. Trained dogs live long, happy, and content lives.

We can begin training your puppy as early as six weeks of age.  Our approach is gentle and effective and guaranteed for life so you never have to worry about your dog forgetting.

  • Puppies that grow up being trained at an early age create proper behavior from the beginning. This is the best way.  Setting precedence is always better because you never have to correct problems.
  • Younger dogs learn quicker than older dogs. While you can teach an old dog new tricks, it takes longer, and the longer you wait, the longer it takes. And the harder it is on your dog.
  • The longer you wait, the more it costs. The harder it gets and the longer it takes. Any problem you are having will continue and just get worse.
  • Dogs with behavior problems always get worse. Without proper training they never get better.
  • Dogs become more physical. As dogs get older, they get more physical, making it harder to instill proper training.
  • Once certain behaviors become a problem they cannot be corrected. You could be wrecking your dog. And certain problems lead to new ones.
  • Your dog can become dangerous. Dogs that are not trained become dominant and often aggressive. If you don’t train your dog they can hurt you or your loved ones.
  • Dogs that are not trained can become out of control. You can’t take them anywhere because they don’t listen. Wishful thinking will not change this. More of what you have been doing will not change this. Nothing will change until they have been properly trained.

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