Puppy Dog Training

Robert H. Brandau is regarded as an expert in and outside the courtroom, and the canine proof has been seen on major motion pictures, TV networks and commercials. His trained dogs have appeared in numerous films, Dog Bite Prevention public service announcements for United States Postal Service, as well as several TV and news shows.

Canine Companions in the Movies

Kevin Spacey and ‘Sasha’, Robert H. Brandau and Michael J. Fox, Robert H. Brandau and ‘Petie’ with Jon Stewart, Robert H. Brandau and Gene Wilder, Diane Lane and ‘Trudy’, Robert H. Brandau and ‘Petie’ on the set of “Fresh”

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United States Postal Service

‘Chomper’ the USPS Dog Bite Prevention Dog

Robert H. Brandau and ‘Chomper’ Team Up With the USPS
To Prevent Dog Bites

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Canine Companions on TV and the News

The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC

“Why does man’s best friend howl” during the theme to Law and Order??

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Street Court on Street Court TV

Robert Brandau testifies as an expert on canine behavior on Street Court TV

Pets.tv on WPIX

Canine Companions is featured giving dog training tips and advice on Pets.TV

Robert Brandau on WPIX Pets TV Sundays 10:30 am Channel 11

FOX and WOR Channel 9 News

See Robert Brandau on Fox and WOR Ch 9 News