If your dog is showing any aggression, you need to have the right professional evaluate your dog. The right professional is someone with the level of skill to begin working with the dog the second they begin. The dog will respond to them differently than anyone else. If a dog trainer does not know what they are doing they will lead the dog into more serious problems sooner rather than later. We are the experts.

Examples of Aggression:

1. Your dog is lying on the ground with a bone. Someone goes over and bends down to pet the dog. The dog growls, snarls, or snaps at them.
The dog is treating you like another dog and challenging you or the dog is scared of you. In either case the dog is telling you to back off.

2. An unfamiliar person to the dog, yet familiar to you, comes to your home and your dog pulls on the leash, barking, growling or snapping at them.
REASON: The dog is fearful or being overly dominant and in an inappropriate pack relationship has been allowed to develop.

3. Showing aggression towards other animals or new pets.
REASON: The dog is pulling and being allowed to establish a pecking order amongst themselves. The old saying: “Let them work it out” is dangerous and incorrect.

The biggest cause of aggression is simply the lack of training. Dogs that have been allowed to become too dominant cannot handle it, which causes them to become insecure, afraid, and out of balance. Being out of balance causes the dog to misinterpret normal day to day situations to be threatening and well meaning owners often aggravate the situation by correcting the dog or trying to sooth the dog. There have been many times that I have seen an owner stroking their dog and saying its okay, while the dog is being aggressive. Another problem is when owners try to correct their dog without realizing that they are being confrontational. Confrontation causes confrontation. In other words corrections cause the dog to be aggressive.

We often find that “aggressive” dogs are simply confused and afraid. The dogs have no other choices available to produce responses they can live with. They are literally fighting for their lives. We’ve seen this in puppies as well as fully adult dogs. Until the underlying relationship is reconstructed, it’s a no win situation for the dog or it’s owner. The basis for the “Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Method” is offering the dog alternatives that allow it to successively live with it’s owner. What started out as a no win situation becomes a win-win solution. This means shifting the underlying premise of correcting to teaching. You must teach the dog what it needs to learn to be successful.

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At Canine Companions we are the aggression solving specialists.  We know how to assess your dog’s temperament and stability.  We can work with you to correct and eliminate unwanted aggressive behaviors.  We understand dog psychology and utilize positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog how to behave appropriately, which means how to listen to you on and off the leash.

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