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Robert Brandau Knows What Your Dog Is Thinking …

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Robert Brandau testifies as an expert on canine behavior on Street Court TV.

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Robert Brandau on WPIX Channel 11

I want the dogs we train to have a sense of fun, joy, affection, a natural initiative, know how to play and do their own thinking. I do not want training to take out these things but rather encourage them. Training corrections inhibit the ability to connect to with the dog.


Robert H. Brandau rehabilitates dogs at local shelters.

Robert’s Philosophy

I do dog training because it is my deeply held personal belief that dogs can offer their owners opportunities for personal growth and companionship that are not experienced frequently enough. A dogs ability to communicate and their highly acute senses are far beyond any human but after spending my life with them I am privileged to participate in some of that. Dogs are always in touch with the reality of the moment.They react directly to the environment.It is their ability to let go of the past and the future that dogs can offer their human companions.The peace and comfort that this ability offers is amazing.

Robert believes that dogs can only think and act like dogs, and they are not little furry people. He believes that we have an obligation to care for them and to protect them from harm. He also strongly warns against correcting dogs. Robert Brandau developed and teaches Alternative (Behavioral) Response Conditioning (ARC) and what he calls Kinship® Psychological Dog Training®. When he isn’t training, you can find him hanging out with his kids and animals.

Love of Dogs


Dogs have always been the object of Robert’s interest. As a young man, he could describe every breed. He says that dogs are the most natural animals for us to hang with. He believes there is a special kind of human/canine relationship. He has found that the relationships in a wild dog pack resemble those of a human family. It is this social structure that is the basis for Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® or Relationship training.

Dedicated to Training

Robert continues to increase and improve his professional skills. In addition to his background in psychology and behavior, Robert has studied with a number of master trainers. Through these apprenticeships, he has become a trainer of trainers: a master trainer. Robert has worked with veterinarians, rescue and humane groups, government agencies, and movie and TV studios. He has also served as an expert witness involving aggression and dangerous dogs and is regarded as an expert on canine behavior.

In the mid 1960s, a young Robert Brandauhad begun to realize that animals had a unique and special relationship to offer—one he could not put into words, but felt. His friends say that he can talk to animals, all of them. Robert says being able to listen to them is something that you can learn to do. He now teaches people about how dogs think and act.

Robert on WPIX Channel 11 Pets TV Sundays 10:30 am

“Meet Bob Brandau a real life dog whisperer” News Correspondent John Huddy Unit 9 WOR Channel 9 NewsRobert H. Brandau is regarded as an expert in and outside the courtroom, and the canine proof has been seen on major motion pictures, TV networks and commercials. His trained dogs have appeared in; “The Secret of My Success,” with Michael J. Fox, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil,” with Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Kevin Spacey, “Lady Beware,” with Diane Lane, “Kojak,” with Tele Savalaz, “The Equalizer,” with Edward Woodward and Robert H. Brandau, “Spencer For Hire,” with Robert Ulrich, “Street Hunter,” with Steve James, “The Lady in White,” with Kathrine Helmond, MTV on the Jon Stewart Show with Jon Stewart, “The Pick Up Artist,” with Robert Downey Jr, Vanessa Williams, Molly Ringwald, “Late Night With David Letterman,” a Colt 45 Malt Liquor commercial with Billy Dee Williams, Dog Bite Prevention public service anouncements for United States Postal Service and many others.

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Robert Brandau knows what your dog is thinking…

Robert H. Brandau The Former President of FOWA