Puppy Training For Life

Canine Companions can help you with your puppies housebreaking, basic obedience training, trick training, and problem solving for the predictable challenges of chewing, mouthing, jumping, and barking which can turn your joyful puppy moment into stressful ones.

Canine Companions will help you keep your puppy love alive as we teach you all you need to know to take the stress out of those first few weeks and months with your little bundle of fur. We will teach you how to use paper and crate training methods to quickly get your puppy housebroken and responding to basic commands.

At Canine Companions we train all breeds from the playful Pomeranian, to the clever Jack Russell, to the lovable Labrador, to the popular Golden Retriever. No dog is too big or too small to be worthy of proper training and all the love and peace of mind which comes from establishing a proper pack relationship right from the start.

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