Go Way Beyond Whispering®


Master Trainer Bob Brandau takes the viewer through the handling and training of some dogs that were difficult for the student trainers and the certified trainers as well.
Cross the threshold and enter the mind of a Master Dog Trainer.

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Learn the Silent Language of Dogs

Even with dogs that most other trainers find difficult or impossible to handle Master Dog Trainer Bob Brandau makes it seem simple. What you’ll see on this video is sure to amaze you regardless of who you are, and if your familiar with “ordinary” dog training it’s just as likely to shock you as well … especially when your realize how obviously incorrect it is when compared to what you’ll see Bob demonstrate on this video.

Learn the highly effective silent canine “language” Bob uses to make contact and build kinship with any dog – regardless of their current age, behavior or history! Then go further and learn how to develop a working relationship that will cause your dog to respond immediately to your every desire. This makes ordinary “dog training” obsolete in comparison. Imagine … instead of training your dog based on giving an endless series of commands your dog learns to anticipate what you want based upon your attitude,