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Professional Protection Dog Trainers Course* 

In today’s world danger is everywhere, home invasions are on the rise, burglary, robbery, rape and assault are occurring in safe neighborhoods and no one feels safe anymore. Protection dog training is needed now more than ever before. People want to feel safe, they are scared to be alone in their homes. They Don’t Have to Live In Fear Anymore. Now, you can learn how to train dogs to protect homes and families. Protection dog training is safe for families and provides security 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the dog works when the power goes out. 

This course is all inclusive all you have to do is show up and participate and you will learn the closely guarded secrets of protection dog training. Think about it… how do get a normal friendly dog to protect someone? Imagine your job is to get a dog to attack a bad guy and protect you… what would you do? It’s not what you think. Protection dog training is closely guarded by expert dog trainers and very few people know how its properly done. Don’t get me wrong there are other trainers who offer protection training but do they know the right way? Protection Dog Training has to be done right for safety reason. Train the dog incorrectly and you have a dangerous unstable, untrustworthy guard dog; not a properly trained protection dog. We are the experts. We are the Dog Bite Experts. We do it right. We know how.

Sample Syllabus; here is some of what you will learn:

General Safety Rules, Dog Bite Prevention, Why Dogs Bite and Why They Don’t Bite, Protection Dog Training Equipment, The Psychology of Protection Dog Training, Canine Aggression and its Drivers, Understanding Aggression and Protection, Reading and Deciphering a Dog’s Body Language, How Distance Affects the Dog’s Behavior, Protection Dog Training MechanicsThe Mechanics of Protection Dog Training Agitation, The Proper Set Up for Protection Dog Training, Breed Selection and Evaluating Candidates, How the Different Breeds Attack, How to Handle and Train Protection Dogs, The Levels of Protection Dog Training. Bonus: Understanding the Anatomy of Dog Attacks

This is just an short example of the course curriculum there is so much more.

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*Get Trained By The Dog Bite Expert!

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*The Professional Protection Dog Trainers Course is taught exclusively by Robert H. Brandau, The Dog Bite Expert with Canine Companions. Check out – The Dog Bite