Certified Kinship® Psychological Dog Trainer Course

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Our most advanced Psychological Dog Training course!
Even with dogs most other trainers find difficult or even impossible to train, using Kinship® Psychological Dog Training®, we make it simple. This is a hands on program. We teach you one on one how to train and solve behavior problems.


Learn to train a dog to behave and listen to you within a few moments, even under distractions, like company coming over, a squirrel running in front of you, or kids on roller skates with Frisbees. Even with dogs most other trainers find difficult or even impossible to train, using Kinship® Psychological Dog Training®, we make it simple. Instead of training a dog by giving an endless series of corrections, the dog would learn to anticipate what you want and listen to you. This is a hands on program. We teach you one on one how to train and solve behavior problems.

Dog Trainer Training

This could be you!

Most people think dog training is about learning how to correct the dog. You could be ruining the dog. Once you experience the joys of the success using Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® you will never be able to think about Pavlovian “reward-based” or “correction-based” dog training the same way again.

Become A Kinship® Psychological Dog Trainer® and you will be able to:

  • Read a dog and know what they are thinking.
  • Use Praise so the dog will learn quicker.
  • Know and use the 2 things you must understand about dog training to be effective.
  • Know and use the secrets to fixing any dog problem.
  • Get any dog to come to you off leash.
  • House break a dog overnight.
  • Know and use the secrets to getting and keeping control of your dog off leash when company comes over.
  •  Teach others about Dog Bite Prevention.

You will also learn to use the dogs communication strategies in training, an amazingly simple way to get contact and attention using the dog’s pack drive and how to read your dog’s body language by recognizing four key components.

Learn to train dogs to pass the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test and how to administer the test.

Listen to Robert Brandau speak about Kinship® Psychological Dog Training

…find out why it’s so unbelievably effective!

Most training programs are based on reward and punishment and rely on conditioning. There is an alternative… Kinship® Psychological Dog Training®. You can teach a dog from a model based on learning. Teach your dog how to learn and escape from having to train it situationally. This means no corrections. Learn to ‘talk’ to dogs.

Teaching a dog to problem solve creates the mental stimulation needed for higher intelligence and a better temperament.

I begin by pacing, creating interest, obtaining respect, building confidence and developing rapport. I will teach you how to read a dog so you will understand them and how to pace them so you can develop rapport.

Once this is in place I will show you how to find out where you can meet them on a basis of mutual understanding. During this work you will study their general attitude and behavior, then begin to help them achieve their best possible self.

I will teach you how to work from the inside out. How to release dogs from poor behavior. You will end up teaching them how to play and have fun and do their own thinking, and most important of all how to be themselves (both the dogs and the humans).

“You will make a difference in the lives of the people and the dogs you work with.” – Robert H. Brandau

I know that you will have to build relationships with the dogs and earn their trust. Now I admit that I am a nonconformists in my methods and do not believe in the idea of a superior being compelling an inferior one to obey orders, but rather in developing contact and building a relationship where the dog can become secure, one that encourages balance, confidence, and contentment.

One of the qualifications in any profession is recognition. Canine Companions is continually called upon as consultants and trainers for major motion pictures, industry, expert court testimony, police departments, governments, and other professional dog trainers, veterinarians, pet owners, and universities.

An indication of expertise in any profession is innovation. Canine Companions has introduced concepts and approaches to the training and handling of dogs that are routinely used by other professional trainers, becoming the leader in non-negative forms of behavior modification and training, which is now becoming known as Kinship® Psychological Dog Training®.

Pass the course and receive this Diploma!
Recognition, Expertise and Innovation.

You will receive the ALL NEW Version of the Canine Companions MASTER TRAINERS Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Trainers Manual!

Over 275 Pages of Pure Dog Training Genius!

During the Canine Companions Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Trainers Course you will be provided with a Canine Companions KInship® Psychological Dog Training® Manual you get to keep!

Over 275 pages of Pure Dog Training Genius. This manual contains the reference material you will need to know to train dogs! And is compiled from over thirty years of proven experience. Reading Dogs, Footwork, Attention Models, Principals of Reinforcement, Learning Theories and so much more!

Plus Canine Companions Will Train Your Dog during the course!

Thats Right! Canine Companions will train your dog with you during The Canine Companions Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Trainers Course to be your demo dog! We will also provide you with several dogs to train during the course.

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This is an amazing course with Master Trainer Robert Brandau,

6 Days of pure dog training genius.

YOU Can Become A Canine Companions Certified

Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Dog Trainer!

Canine Companions wants to be part of your future. Make the change, have the life you always dreamed of, live the life you want, when you want…

How Long?

5 days – fully catered meals included. Excellent food! Lunch, Dinner and Snacks all provided!


Registering for Spring and Fall classes now.  Two locations. Call or email for details!

Course Daily Schedule

Course begins Monday – at 10:00 am.

Course ends Friday – at 5:00 pm.

Bring your dog and turn him into a Demo Dog! If you don’t have a dog we can provide you with one to work with during the course.


Central New Jersey and Central Florida!

Price:  $10,500.00 includes KPDT Manual, Canine Companions Approved Leash, and Canine Companions Certification.

Please Call 1.(973) 296-9234 or email [email protected] for information and to register for this course.

*  Must complete Canine Companions Cynology Certification and Canine Companions Canine Behavioral Therapist Certification Training to qualify for Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Certification.