Here is Our Incredible Lifetime Guarantee…
Plain and Simple

“We provide unlimited initial lessons to get your dog trained right. If your dog ever forgets we will retrain your dog, if necessary, at no additional charge for the rest of your dog’s life. “*

If you ever have a problem you can call us!

If your dog ever forgets you can call us!

If your friends ever have a problem they can call us!

Call us right now at 973.296.9234 to find out more about this incredible risk free guarantee* today!

* Customer agrees to work with their dog as outlined and demonstrated by the trainer. Because of the variables in the training of you and your dog we cannot guarantee your results because we cannot guarantee your behavior. If your dog has a behavioral problem due to a poor temperament but is trained and responds to the trainer we offer a Maintenance Training Program Click Here. There will be an additional charge if your dog needs maintenance training because of a poor temperament.

* Customer understands there are no refunds or cancellations.

* Because our trainer will be teaching you our techniques and methods the customer agrees to maintain all materials and processes confidential.

* With respect to the information supplied in connection with Dog Training and the Dog Business, Customer must agree to (I) Protect the confidential information in a reasonable and appropriate manner in accordance with applicable professional standards and (II) Use confidential information only in connection with Canine Companions and the training of their dog.