In-Home Dog Training

To train or not to train…that’s not the question. The real  question is where and with whom?

Where? The two options are either outside the home in a center or store, or in your home. At Canine Companions, we know in home dog training provides the best possible option for training. You and your dog are in the comfort and familiar surrounds of your home. There are minimal distractions and if there are, they are the ones that you normally have to contend with.

When you take your dog outside the home, you have to deal with transporting your dog, which can be stressful to both you and your dog, (many dogs get car sick), and your dog is not in the best state for learning when you arrive at this strange place. There are many distractions that you and your dog have to overcome. Since learning is context driven, what your dog learns outside of your home does not translate into learning in the home.

In-home training also has the advantage of saving you the time and money of traveling to the lesson, and all the members of the family can avail themselves and participate. This helps to ensure consistent handling and sets your dog up for training success.

With Whom? At Canine Companions we are the in-home dog training specialists. Our trainers come to you when it is convenient for you. We come during the week and weekends, during the morning, afternoon or evening. We offer tremendous flexibility because we want it to be easy and fun for you to get your dog trained in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

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