Chewing is something your dog or puppy needs to do. Chewing is not something that your dog is doing to you or your stuff even if it seems that way. Your dog will continue chewing for the rest of its life. You need to provide them with safe and appropriate chew things, one hard and one soft.


We know how to teach your dog or puppy discrimination so it never touches your stuff again.  Your shoes will be safe, your furniture and house will be safe.

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Teaching Your Dog To Chew

The Secrets of Discrimination

Mp3 Down Load Audio Program with PDF 12 page Manual

By Robert H. Brandau, Dog Expert

Teaching Your Dog to Chew…People say, “What are you crazy?My dog chews very well!He chews everything: my shoes, my wife’s pocketbook, every corner of every cabinet in my kitchen and the pillows on the couch in my family room.He has no problem with chewing, I do.”

In less than 20 minutes this downloadable Mp3 audio program teaches you the secrets to teaching your dog every thing he needs to know about chewing so you can trust him.

Master Trainer Robert Brandau takes you step by step through the process of training your dog to only chew the things you say are OK.

12 page manual included

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Downloadable Mp3 Audio program with Manual

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