“A Real Life Dog Whisper”, Thats what Fox 5 News and WOR Channel 9 News calls our training director Robert Brandau.


You need to have the right professional work with your dog. Unfortunately, our industry is unregulated and one of the problems is that you can get someone who was just laid off and trained the family’s pet three years ago so now they are a dog trainer this week. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to know who they are.


It takes skill to recognize whether they are just good with dogs or a qualified professional with a deep level of skill and mastery that they have acquired from twenty or thirty years of training. So, what you can begin to recognize in someone with that level of skill is an ability to work with the dog from the second they begin. You’ll see the dog responding to them differently than anyone else. If you get a dog trainer who doesn’t know exactly what they are doing they are going to lead the dog into more serious problems sooner rather than later. CALL NOW!

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