“A Real Life Dog Whisper”, Thats what Fox 5 News and WOR Channel 9 News calls our training director Robert Brandau.




Kinship® Is . . . Psychological Dog Training®… A kind of Relationship training for you and your Canine Companion. The bond formed through Kinship® is special. It’s not so much about what it can do for you as it is about what it does to you. We believe that the relationship that you can have with your dog is one of the most rewarding relationships available to you. Often, the only thing needed to experience the potential in this relationship is the simple human Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® required to establish control. Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® is based on creating a balance between the natural social behavior of dogs and people. We will teach you how to train your dog so that an understanding begins to occur. Dog training is easy! We do the hard part: we teach you! Begin forming a Kinship® with your dog today.

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