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Hello Bob,

We have been clients of (Canine Companions) since last summer and I wanted to reach out to you share with you how happy we are with (Canine Companion’s training) services.  (Our dog) Sam is a 16 month old Entlebucher Mountain Dog who has some traits and behaviors that needed to be corrected.  We had used two other trainers from other organizations in the past who were unable to assist us with Sam’s issues.

Since we have been working with (Canine Companions), we have seen major changes and couldn’t be happier with his progress.  (Our trainer’s ) patience and training techniques are incredible and we love the fact that Sam adores her as well.  As stated earlier we plan on using her again.  (We have an extremely happy dog and a spotless home)  We wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of Sam.  As a business owner as well, I can definitely value the importance of a key employee.  I am sure that you are told this by many of your clients. (Our trainer) tells me that she had learned everything from you and holds you in the highest regard.  So from one business owner to another, thank you for having (our trainer) Jen on your team. 

Thanks for your time,
Rich and Sam

Dear Bob,

When our trainer came to our home tonight, our dog, Jack, the Jack Russell greeted him with growling, lunging, and barking. our trainer assured me that we made the right choice to use Canine Companions the way he treated our baby with respect,kindness, and understanding. By the end of our first session, Jack was all over our trainer and kissing him!!!!!!!!!! We look forward to having our trainer work with us long term, because he is very kind, knowledgable, and confident. Our last choice was to put Jack down, but it never sat right with us. This is a gift for us all here!!! I am so glad I found your website and I will refer you to anyone seeking real results!!!!!!!!!!

Russ and Zampia –

Hi! I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how much I enjoyed working with our trainer. I had two different dogs with two different situations or problems. our trainer has been extremely helpful in both instances. I not only found him to be knowledgeable and helpful, but he was always prompt, polite, courteous, patient and gentle with me and my


DingDong, my 3.5 lb 2 yr old female chihuahua, was a fear aggressive dog. Even though most peole thought it was funny(because of her size) when she would growl, show her teeth and lunge at them when they entered my house, I did not like ita nd felt that this was a dog-bite incident ready to happen. our trainer spent time with DingDong and watched her behavior and gave me a lot of great advice. She is still barking when people come to the door (which I don’t mind), but now she will do a sit-stay at the top of the stairs when company comes in and does not lunge, growl or show her teeth. Teaching her to “go to your bed” was a great help when my friends and I want to sit and talk without the interruption of a dog constantly begging for attention. –

XingXing, my 13 lbs 8 month old male Chinese crested, was totally out of control. He would zoom through the house like a tornado terrorizing the other animals and knocking me down on more than one occassion. I was fearful that he would be spending the majority of his life in a cage because I could never leave him out unattended. Through a series of exercises and repetition, I now have a dog that listens to me, comes when I call, walks nice on a leash and is a pleasure to have around.
I don’t think the average person realizes how much more enjoyable your dog is when he is well trained and well behaved. It does not mean “breaking his spirit” or making him fearful of you, but letting him know his place in your family (or pack) and allowing him to learn how to fit in the right way. I know both DingDong and XingXing are also happier. (Just ask our trainer, I don’t think we ever saw either of them holding their heads and tails up high, wagging happily away, as much as they do now). They know what I expect from them. They know what will and will not be tolerated. And, setting these boundaries and knowing how to handle situations that arise, makes for a happier and quieter (no more yelling) household for everyone.

Thank you Canine Companions and our trainer for a job well done! –
Chrissie Brounell

Dear Canine Companions,

We are writing to thank you for the magic of your Kinship™  training. It really is, as it advertises, a program for people with dogs hoping to integrate their pets in the best possible way.

From the initial evaluation we had a spectacular trainer and we could tell that Canine Companions was going to be different from the rest of the competition that we interviewed in making our selection. We didn’t want Lucky to learn to behave appropriately through any kind of bribery with food or any fear of punishment with threats. We wanted him to be a true part of our family. Through your training, we can honestly say that he is. He goes everywhere with us, well behaved.

We will tell any pet owner we meet that Canine Companions is the best investment they can make in their dog. Thanks for everything.

Very truly yours,

Cindy &- David Stroud
Owners of Lucky

From the Wayne Police Department, New Jersey, Chief of Police

Dear Robert H. Brandau, Canine Companions:

I wish to solicit your assistance to sit on a panel of three persons to review an allegation of an unprovoked dog attack upon a minor child.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation in the stated matter.


Donald R. Pavlak
Chief of Police

Dear Canine Companions,

Just a quick note to give you an update on Sienna. She is doing great! She lays in the kitchen on her side when we eat dinner. When the front door bell rings I just say go over there and stay and she does. We have her off leash in the yard and she listens even when the neighbors go by with their dog, which incidentally needs you because their dog is out of control. Everyone comments on how good she is.

Take care and Thanks!
Sue Bardzell and Sienna

Dear Canine Companions:

Thank you for your commitment to the Sussex County YWCA. Due to your efforts we are able to offer quality programs, such as the KinshipDog Training, to the residents of Sussex County at an affordable cost.

Again, thank you for working with the Sussex County YMCA in providing insightful and interesting programs to our residents.


Kathryn Graham
Program Assistant

Dear Canine Companions,

Thank you for making us the Best Behaved Dogs around!! You’re the Best!!


Steve and Debbie Oberly, with Rocky, Hanna, and Harry

Dear Canine Companions:
I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful our trainer is, just the Best. I couldn’t be happier. He is absolutely great. What he has taught in just one day with my 6-Month-old Pomeranian is just incredible !!!! Now do you possibly think I can get him to train my Husband that well? Just Kidding.
Our trainer is Great !!!!!

Bonnie R. Catalano

Dear Canine Companions, 

Thank you so much for your very excellent training and guidance with Molly.It has made a huge difference in our family life.

 Merry Xmas & Happy New Year. The Haddad’s –


I wanted to let you know that my dog and I have been working with our trainer for several weeks and we have had incredible results so far.
 I adopted Bela (a 3yo female Hound/Doberman mix) from Bergen Co. AnimalShelter on 2/14/04. She had been in the shelter since November 2003, so she was on her own without much direction. In the first session, our trainer came inand had Bela under control within minutes. This was very encouraging to me.
I was doing all the wrong things, getting very frustrated and questioned keeping Bela. She was not like the other dogs I had.
During that first session, our trainer gave me very specific instructions and training points to follow and he showed me how to handle her. The weekly follow up sessions we have had since then have helped reduce my inconsistencies and better understand Bela’s needs. Our trainer has always been patient with me and offers a lot of support and guidance. We still have some more training tasks to accomplish but the results so far are fantastic.
 I do suggest that since there is a lot of information and issues covered each week, a weekly Rx sheet be given likethe one in the 1st session. This would be a reminder of the training steps and goals. For myself, I write down what we covered for a quick reference especially when my days are hectic and the steps are new.
 our trainer always has been great with Bela- very kind and affectionate. It isobvious that not only does he like my dog, he also loves his work. our trainer also took care of Bela for me when I had to go away for a few days. When I returned home, I found that she was very happy and had obviously been well cared for. It was good for her (and me) to have the same interaction/training continue while I was away rather than be left in a kennel like when she was in the shelter. We didn’t’ have to start all over,we just picked up where we left off.
 Having Canine Companions work with Bela and I has been one of the bestdecisions I have made. I have recommended your program, and specifically our trainer, to my neighbors and friends and will continue to do so.

Thank you. Kathleen and Bela –

Dear Bob: 

Would like to thank you for training our dog. We’re extremely happy with his professionalism, knowledge and personality. It would be misleading to think that the trainer trains dogs alone; he also “trains” dog’s owners. We have learned a lot; finally our dog behaves as we want him to behave. Although highly skeptical, at the outset, I’m convinced that your method works and recommend other dog owners. If I ever find myself in a position to recommend your services. I will certainly keep your name in mind. 

Thank you again, Jerry Bialski


I just wanted you to know how well Ella is doing now. After only 3 months with us, she is a dream!  We take her everywhere we can,and she is quiet in her crate at all times. In fact, last nite was her first nite sleeping in our daughter’s room. she was perfect. Thanks to Jen and all her support and to you for your extra help.  I am truly grateful to all of you and I am sure If Ella could say so, she would agree. This experience has given her a new lease on life and some valuable training insight for me that I will use for the rest of my life as well.
I look forward to a long lasting relationship with you all .
God bless,

Thank you so much for coming over last Sunday – I really feel you have taught me how to read my dog better (I was definitely reading her incorrectly) & have given me the tools to help break her behavior issue.  I can’t thank you enough, I already feel more confident when I walk her & she really responds.  I can usually just say the words – & it’s  not even a week 🙂   I do love how smart the Chessie’s are, however they are head strong!

Thanks you so much for all your help!!
Marcie Donnelly  & Morgan (the pup)

Our groomer from Hawthorne said that she had a genius trainer from your organization who helped get her crazy lab mix under control. After thirty years of living with well-behaved- older shelter dogs- we adopted an smart- affectionate- completely insane puppy. Weve wasted a fortune so far on private classes- spray collars- electronic collars- videos… absolutely nothing has worked.  (We need you)

Barbara Severi

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