Only Robert H. Brandau was trusted to handle and train “Chomper” for the aggression sequences around third grader Lindsay Mancini.


Robert H. Brandau receives an ‘Oscar’ for ‘Chomper’ having the best Bark in a public service announcement.

Robert H. Brandau of Canine Companions helps the United States Postal Service serve up public safety messages for dog bite prevention.Chomper a 2 year old yellow Labrador retriever owned and trained by Robert stars in the two thirty second commercials airing on television right now!Chomper stars with third grader Lindsay Mancini.Lindsay now understands what to do if a dog comes rushing at her, and has been able to show her friends.The commercials are named “Always Play it Safe With Dogs” and “Help Prevent Dog Attacks”.Robert appears in the “Help Prevent Dog Attacks” version as the home owner and demonstrates with Chomper how to safely handler your dog everyday so you can prevent aggression in your dog.

Robert H. Brandau apperars in the Public Service Announcement.

The USPS reports more than 3,200 dog-related injuries and says children are at greater risk. With each one of those 3,200 attacks there are 900 dog bite injuries to children reported.

Robert, who has trained the personal dogs of special agents working for the federal government, was recommended for the job by one of them who is witness to his amazing ability.Only Robert was trusted to handle and train Chomper for the attack and aggression sequences around third grader Lindsay Mancini.

‘Chomper” attackes the camera.

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