House Training/ House Breaking your dog or puppy is easier than you think.  A Trainer will come to you and train your puppy or dog and you in the fundementals of this baisic training concept.


If you are trying to housebreak a puppy or correct a problem offender, the processes are similar. The trainer spends about an hour to an hour and a half with you and teaches you a time tested and proven, safe and effective way to house break your puppy or dog over night.

Works with old dogs too!  Any age, any breed. lifetime guarantee!



  • Teach your dog to come to you when they have to go.
  • Train them to wait for you when your not there.
  • And most importantly to go on command.
  • Train them to go only in one area of your yard.
  • Learn how to clean an accident so they don’t do it again.

We also teach an indoor solution for small dogs and apartment dwellers so you never have to walk your dog again.



  • We cover paper training.
  • Cleaning up an accident.
  • Dealing with the problem offender.
  • We take all the guess work out of it.

You are one lesson away from having your puppy or dog house trained/ house broken over night!  Click Here for help



Canine Companions is featured giving dog training tips and advice on Pets.TV on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am Channel 11.


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We also sell a downloadable audio program “The Secrets to House Breaking Your Dog Overnight!” with our House Breaking Manual


The Secrets To House Break Your Dog Over Night! Guaranteed!




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Works with every dog and puppy!Any age, old dogs too!A master dog trainer takes you through the process of housebreaking your pup step by step through this first time offered download audio program.Plus you get our eight page House Breaking Manual.


Learn to train your puppy or dog the correct way.Download now!


·Train your pup to pee on command.


·Learn what to do if you work all day.


·Learn the schedule you need for success.


·Learn how to paper train your dog or puppy.


·Learn how to read your pup and recognize when they have to go.


·Learn how to train your dog to hold it and tell you when they have to go.


Also included are tips and a special method for the city apartment dweller, how to train the problem offender and the must know proper way to clean up after an accident.


Master Trainer Robert H. Brandau has been training dogs for over 38 years so that you can train your dog over night!He has created one of the most sought after and copied training methods in the history of dog training.He is giving away the secretsfor the first time in this exclusive new audio program with House Breaking Manual.


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