Stop a dog from biting:

Dog Bite Prevention is something everyone can learn.

“A Real Life Dog Whisper”, Thats what Fox 5 News and WOR Channel 9 News calls our training director Robert Brandau.


What would you do if you were attacked by this dog?

We have been working with aggressive dogs and training individuals about dog safety for the last 35 years. We have become known as industry experts, routinely called by police, courts of law, municipalities, attorneys, governments and animal control officers to evaluate, train and provide expert testimony on dog behavior.We completed and are featured in Dog Bite Prevention Public Service Announcements for the U.S. Federal Government and the United States Postal Service in 2007 ie: Always Play It Safe With Dogs and Help Prevent Dog Attacks. These Public Service Announcements are currently being shown on TV and in public schools throughout the United States.

The Dog Bite Prevention Program takes 3 to 4 hours to complete and we can accommodate up to 20 participants.Each participant will have the experience of interacting with the trainers andthe opportunity to interact with a trained dog to learn in real life staged scenarios. We teach theory and hands on techniques to ensure a complete education. Each participant will receive a Dog Bite Prevention Manual and a Certificate of Completion.

Here is a sample outline of the Dog Bite Prevention Program.

  1. What dogs think, see and hear – dog psychology 101.
  2. How to read a dog.
  3. Breeds to watch out for.
  4. The different environments that affect a dog’s behavior.
  5. How to behave when approached by a dog.
  6. What to do if your attacked.

Contact us to find out more about our unique Program.

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Dog Bite Prevention on TV for United States Postal Service

See the public service announcements we did for the United States Postal Service on Dog Bite Prevention. Starring ‘ Chomper’ the Dog Bite Prevention Dog.

Robert H. Brandau receives an ‘Oscar’ for ‘Chomper’ having the best Bark in a public service announcement.


Only Robert H. Brandau was trusted to handle and train “Chomper” for the aggression sequences around third grader Lindsay Mancini.

Click Here to see Dog Bite Prevention Public Service Announcements