Our trainers are experts at evaluating canines for dog dominance issues and aggressive behavior as well as any type of animal bites. We are N.J. State Certified Animal Control Officers.

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Attention Dog Bite Victims Canine Companions can evaluate dog aggression circumstances involving any aggression or dog bite and give you expert advice as well as an extensive behavioral report and analysis on your particular circumstances.

No two dog bites are the same – we have been involved in evaluating canine aggression and testifying in court for over 20 years. We are trained as an expert witness.  We have already been involved in over dozens of dog bite cases as experts.  We have prepared reports for victims, attorneys, police, municipalities, animal control officers, and courts of law.

If your dog is showing any aggression, you need to have the right professional evaluate your dog. Unfortunately, our industry is unregulated and one of the problems is that you can get someone who was just laid off and trained the family’s pet three years ago so now they are a dog trainer this week. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to know who they are. It takes skill to recognize whether they are just good with dogs or a qualified professional with a deep level of skill and mastery that they have acquired from twenty or thirty years of training. So, what you can begin to recognize in someone with that level of skill is an ability to work with the dog from the second they begin. You’ll see the dog responding to them differently than anyone else. If you get a dog trainer who doesn’t know exactly what they are doing they are going to lead the dog into more serious problems sooner rather than later. CALL NOW!

Sometimes dogs are aggressive, for example, lying on the floor with a bone. Someone would go over and bend down to pet the dog and the dog growls, snarls and/or snaps. The dog can be doing one of two things: One, it could be challenging you, telling you to go away and leave it’s bone alone, like you want it, this is when the dog is treating you like a dog. The other is the dog is actually afraid of you, however in both scenarios the dog is still warning you to back away. In either case we can help you. CALL NOW.

Dogs can often show aggression towards strangers coming into your home, and again, this can be from fear or when the dog is overly dominant and an inappropriate pack relationship has been allowed to become established. Proper training can get this under control, but do not wait. CALL NOW.

Dogs can also be aggressive towards another animal or a new pet. This can be caused by dogs pulling and being allowed to establish a pecking order amongst themselves. The old saying, “just let them work it out” is dangerous and incorrect. CALL NOW, we have had tremendous success helping owners resolve these problems.

Whether your dog is aggressive toward you, children, strangers, or other animals we have the experience and expertise to properly evaluate and resolve it. We will take all of the guess work out of it for you, we are the experts. If your dog is aggressive CALL NOW, the phone call is free, a dog bite is not.

Aggression- the causes…

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Attention Dog Bite Victims we are expert canine evaluators and can provide you with a behavioral report as well as testify in court. Attorneys, police, municipalities, animal control officers, we are trained expert witnesses.
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