These are (unfortunately) some common techniques that all too many trainers use.

 Disclaimer: Reading about these techniques may upset certain individuals.



Alpha Dog Roll Over:

Description- The advice is to grasp the dog firmly and wrestle it upside down onto it’s back. Then to hold it in this position, feet dangling in space, while you stare directly into it’s eyes. Continue holding this position until the dog gives up and becomes helpless. If the dog reacts to you while doing this, increase the pressure. When the dog will not give in or attacks you while doing this, you can always “humanely” destroy it.

Analysis- Grasping any dog and turning it onto it’s back forces the dog to accept a submissive position in the relationship. If trust and understanding are not part of the established position in the relationship, it would be unnatural for the dog to react in any other way then to become defensive. This behavior does not translate well for humans. What would you do if someone you didn’t trust tried to flip you onto your back, hold you down and stared into your face?

Scruff and Shake:

Description- There are numerous variations of this one. One is to bend at the waist and grab the skin and fur at the sides of the dog’s neck in both hands containing it’s head in between. Then lift the front half of the dog off the ground with this hold, simultaneously pulling the dog in towards your own face. With the dog’s legs once again dangling in space, scream NO! abruptly in it’s face and shake it violently.

Analysis- This technique is once again modeled after something a mother dog would do with her pups and does not translate well for humans. It creates fear and builds the defensive drive leading to true aggression in the dog.

Both of these techniques are patterned after observing dogs behaving with other dogs. These techniques and others like them based on the behavior of dogs establishing dominant relationships with other dogs are not suitable for humans. They put you in danger of getting bitten in the face and are better recipes for getting bitten by your dog then improving it’s relationship with a you based on trust and understanding.

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