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My family had dogs all of my life. They were lovable companions and friends who were actually members of our family. They would listen…they would sit , come when I called them and would snuggle and play with me whenever I wanted. They would do assorted tricks, like roll over and give paw, and even open up presents with their paws. When they had to go to the bathroom they would come get me. When I walked them they didn’t need a leash.  I thought I had fairly well trained dogs and they were.

I didn’t learn the difference until I became one of Canine Companions trainers and saw what a trained dog really was.

A trained dog listens on and off the leash. They obey all the basic commands – sit, down, come, stay, go, heel just because you tell them to either with voice commands or hand signals. They behave all the time, no matter what the distraction, and you can trust them in any environment with you or when they are home alone.

A trained dog does not pull on the leash, jump up on people or mouth on you, chew anything other than what you give it, growl, bolt, or goe to the bathroom in the house.

A properly trained dog is in an appropriate pack relationship with you. It knows you are the leader of the pack and is willing to follow. They never need to be bribed with treats, yelled at, corrected, hit, or punished. All the fanciest dog training gadgets won’t solve the problem, either. A trained dog is a joy to have around, is easy to handle, and is still the faithful, loving, playful companion that you want them to be.

Canine Companions Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® is based on dog psychology, our motto is “We Do It With Praise. Never Correct Your Dog Again!® I love the approach, and I am impressed with the results, and I am amazed to learn what having a trained dog really means. Now that I know, it is my honor and privilege to help other dog owners create the relationship with their dog that they didn’t even know was possible, until now.  I am proud to be a certified dog trainer with Canine Companions.

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