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Become a top level certified Canine Companions Kinship Method® psychological dog trainer, dog behavioral therapist or cynologist from home! Register below to get started today!

Our Courses:

Become a Canine Companions Certified Cynologist – Learn Canine Veterinary Sciences
This is our canine veterinary sciences certification course. Veterinarian sciences is fascinating. This course should be required for all dog owners! You will learn about your dog and how to keep him healthy.


Become a Canine Companions Certified Canine Behavioral Therapist – On Line!
This is our introduction certification dog training course. You will learn about dog training and problem solving and so much more. Basic Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® On Line Training for the first time.
Become a Certified Kinship® Psychological Dog Trainer!
This is our advanced certification hands on dog training course. You will study on line and then come to us for 1 week of hands on training. This advanced course includes our Canine Behavioral Therapist certification on line course and our Cynology The Study of Canine Veterinarian Sciences certification On Line Course. This is for the advanced student who has at least 1 year experience.


The Canine Companions Complete Beginners Certification KPDT Dog Training Course
This is the everything you need to know to become a dog trainer and start making money course. This course is for the beginner, we teach you what you need to know to train dogs, solve problems and make money. We teach you basic canine veterinarian sciences, basic obedience training, problem solving, tricks and service dog training, and basic business practices. Take this course and start making money. Includes certification and takes only one week to complete!

Professional Protection Dog Trainers Training Course

We explain protection dog training equipment and show you how to use it correctly. We’re going to teach you the proper set up and psychology for protection dog training. We will explain canine aggression and its drivers. You will learn protection dog training mechanics and agitation. You will learn the correct way to use equipment to take a bites from trained protection dogs. You will learn how to handle and train protection dogs. This is just an short example of the course curriculum.




The pricing for our dog trainer programs is very straightforward. You get a superior education, done at your own pace.


So Worth It!

“Bob presents this material in such a way that you really get it. I was able to get my dog to stop pulling after the very first video!”
—J. Merritt, Wake Forest NC

Changed the Way I Work With Dogs

“As someone who has worked with dogs for many years, I decided to get a more official dog trainer training certification by taking this course. I am glad I did. In the relatively short time it took me to complete the dog behavioral therapist course, I was able to help calm and retrain dogs that I had thought were beyond changing.”
-Kevin Davis, Scotch Plains NJ

Practical Knowledge

“These courses were perfect for me. They prepared me for a full time career working with dogs without having to deal with the expense of taking time off from work and travel to do it in person, which would have been significantly more expensive.”
G. Hadley Brighton, MA