Dog Obedience Training

Canine Companions are specialists in dog obedience training. We utilize methods proven over the last 30 years based on dog psychology and get results quickly, and with no need for corrections, confrontation or bribing your dog with food.



When a dog is obedience trained, they will respond to verbal commands and hand signals. With all the basic obedience commands we teach you, your dog will quickly respond and will continue to focus their attention upon you waiting for your next command. The basics we teach include:

  • Sit – your dog will sit when and where you indicate and will hold that position until you give them another command.
  • Down – this command can be given as a progression from the sit position or directly from a standing position. Your dog will immediately lay flat on the ground, and will continue to focus on you. They will not sniff the ground, lick themselves, roll or move around.
  • Come – from anywhere in the room or environment you can summon your dog to come to you with this command. The dog will proceed to you as you indicate, either assuming a heeling position at your left side, or attentively facing you.
  • Go – this command allows you to send your dog to a designated spot, like across the room to a bed, and have the dog stay there in control until you release them. This command is usually used in conjunction with stay.
  • Stay – this is one of the most useful commands and is used whether the dog is sitting or lying down. You use stay to get your dog to remain where they are, in control, awaiting your next command.
  • Heel. – this command is used when you want your dog in position by your left side, in proper position for walking without any pulling.


In addition to the commands, our dog obedience training is based on the psychology of a dog so your Canine Companions trainer will provide you with information on other aspects of handling your dog which will assist you in shifting your dog into the mindset of you are the leader and make it a willing and happy follower.


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