Canine Companions has qualified experts for evaluating canines for aggressive behavior and any type of animal bites.  Robert H. Brandau is a N.J. State Certified Animal Control Officer and internationally recognized as a Canine Behavior Expert. Please visit my Dog Bite Expert Witness site at 

Dog Bite Expert Witness Service

Attention Dog Bite Attorneys and Victims:

New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officer and Canine Behavior Expert, Robert H. Brandau, A.C.O., provides expert behavioral opinions regarding personal injury as a result of an incident involving dogs. I am available nationwide for criminal and civil cases, plaintiff or defense.

Contact me to discuss: dog bites, canine training, dog jumping incidents, dogs running at large, dogs terrorizing children or adults, lost dogs, canine containment and control issues, canine housing and care issues, canine co-ownership issues, invisible fencing containment issues, canine product liability cases, dog bite provocation, owner negligence, dogs possessing vicious and dangerous propensities, police dog attacks, suspect apprehension, olfactory capabilities and reliability of scent detection and tracking for police dogs used in establishing probable cause and police dog maintenance and training.

In order to admit evidence to the court about something that is not ordinarily known, such as why did a dog bite, you need an expert. Expert witnesses are the solution for getting an opinion into the records, becoming evidence. 

As an expert I know the law is full of rules, sub rules, clauses, motions and demands on plaintiffs, accusers, defendants and experts. There are hard and fast requirements for submitting particular documents, which must be immaculately worded in keeping with the law. If a deadline for filing is missed you could be facing a big fat contempt citation or loose a motion for summary judgment. The law is brutal. Attorneys have learned how the system works because they wanted to and have passed the bar to brave this on our behalf. 

As an expert I will follow those rules of the court and I know opponents will treat me exactly as they treat the most expensive Attorneys from the largest Law Firms in the country. No mercy, they aren’t my fairy godparents, they will not protect my opinion, they will challenge the veracity of it to death. No one, not the judge, opposing council or you, will have patience with me if I start sliding down the legal learning curve, and I won’t. Opponents will try and eat me up and my soul as they sacrifice little baby bunny rabbits. And they will be delighted to show me no mercy.

As an expert I will face those baby bunny sacrificing opponents head on because my credentials and opinions can withstand cross examination and my expert qualifications can withstand the Voir dire process. I have never been disqualified and my opinions have never been refuted and I have assisted in having some opposing experts disqualified, as well. My first case testifying as a Dog Expert was in 1990 in Superior Court in the State of New Jersey.

I am a court qualified dog expert contact me to discuss your case

Did the owner have prior knowledge and fail to prevent interaction?
Is there a behavioral bias for punitive damages?
What to ask the witnesses.

I review discovery, evidence, and sometimes examine the dog and incident scene in order to render a scientific canine behavioral expert opinion and report.

I can provide an analysis of canine aggression, dangerous and vicious dogs, and dog breeds.

I can provide dog bite incident reconstruction.

Canine Companions can  give you expert advice and analysis on your particular circumstances and provide expert witness testimony.

I am also known for solving canine behavioral problems, canine behavioral reconditioning; specifically aggression displayed towards humans and other animals,

as well as basic and advanced training, scene assessment, human behavior concerning canines, non-verbal communications and human and canine body language.

As a trained New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officer, I understand the correct procedure for the restraining and handling of aggressive animals. I am trained in establishing probable cause, scene assessment and how to collect and introduce evidence.

My experience includes court testimony on canine behavior. I have testified and been deposed in a number of dog-related cases and I am familiar with New Jersey Statute 4:19-23 Potentially Dangerous Dog Law.

I am widely recognized as an expert in dog behavior

I am frequently called upon as a consultant for police departments, government agencies, NJ SPCA, rescue organizations, expert court testimony, major motion pictures, and canine behavior training.

I have been court-qualified as an expert in canines (I have been qualified in municipal court and Superior Court of New Jersey and the Commonwealth Court of Philadelphia, PA.).  I have been involved in numerous cases involving dogs from Akitas to Dobermans to Pit Bulls to Tibetan Terriers.  I have been involved in evaluating canine behavior for animal rescues, county health officers, Animal Control Officers, veterinarians and police departments and I have been testifying on my findings for over 20 years.  My first case was in 1990.

I created the Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Method during the 1980s, used by my company, Canine Companions, and numerous other professional dog trainers.

My fame has grown internationally

I am regarded as an expert in and outside the courtroom, and the proof has been seen in major motion pictures, TV, commercials and United States Postal Service Dog Bite Prevention Public Service Announcements.  Dogs I have bred, trained and worked with can be seen with Michael J. Fox in the ‘Secret of My Success”, Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor and Kevin Spacey in “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”, Vanessa Williams and Robert Downey Jr. in “The Pickup Artist”, Tele Savalas in ”Kojack”, Diane Lane in “Lady Beware”, Robert Ulrich in “Spencer For Hire”, Billy Dee Williams for Colt 45, plus I can be seen, along with my dogs in “The Equalizer”, on “Late Nite” with David Letterman, and on “MTV” with Jon Stewart.  And I make an appearance in and trained the dogs and provided the training for the United States Postal Service Dog Bite Prevention Public Service Announcements.

I am the former President of FOWA (The Friends of Wayne Animals Society) and I managed the Wayne Township Animal Shelter in 2007.

I have been called a “Real life dog whisperer”

by News Correspondent John Huddy from Fox News and WOR News in July 2008 and been called “Sussex Counties own dog whisperer knows what your pet is thinking.”  By Rosa Kasper News Reporter N.J. Advertiser News in April 2007.

No two dog bites are the same –

we have been evaluating canine aggression and testifying in court for the past 19 years. We are trained as expert witnesses. We have already been involved in dozens of dog bite and dog related cases as experts. We have prepared reports and testified in court for victims, attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, police, municipalities, animal control officers, the A.S.P.C.A., district attorneys and courts of law.

It often involves an expert to evaluate the evidence

and sometimes the dog to prove aggression, provocation or causes of a dog bite. This enhances both the liability and damages sides of your case regardless of whether your case is governed by a strict liability dog bite statute. Sometimes the opinion of the expert settles the case.

You will also be able to use my name, experience and credentials.

This credibility may well assist you in settling your case before trial as it has for others in the past.  Please contact us for a copy of my CV and to discuss your case.

To be retained as an expert,

I typically request a letter stating this fact and what you would like me to do, the case file for review, as well as payment.  My usual retainer fees for expert witness services start at $3500.00. Upon receipt of the retainer agreement see my fee schedule for charges  to review the case file, create a detailed analysis report and any other relevant information (such as writing deposition questions) and testimony.  Additional fees for courtroom waiting time, deposition time, testimony time, meetings with other parties for the case, and evaluating animals are billed additionally. Charges apply door to door. Expenses such as trips out of town and associated expenditures are additional and often have minimum charges to allow for scheduling out of the office time as needed. Court “wait” time fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Additional Professional hours spent on the case will be charged in advance. Additional Professional services and expenses will be billed separately.

I would be happy to offer my services as an expert witness.

Before I can say whether or not I might be able to be helpful you may send me a copy of the Complaint and Response. That way I can see what the matter involves and determine if I think I can help. I charge $450.00 for this review and expect a check in the same envelope as the Complaint. Thank you. Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your case.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your case.

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