Take our New Course On-Line! This is our introductory to dog training course. Thinking about becoming a dog trainer? This is your course, get a real feel for what it is to become a dog trainer all done on line at a minimum investment.

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Want to learn ON Line? Learn to Become a Canine Companions

Certified Canine Behavioral Therapist (C.B.T. Certification)

Our Introduction to Dog Training Course On Line.


Take this Course On Line!!!  Pure Dog Training Genius


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Imagine being able to get any dog to respond to you instantly without saying a word…No food, No corrections, we use psychology – and it works. 

Take the On Line Course study with Master Trainer Robert H. Brandau.


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This is the first time in over 35 years I am offering a course like this at this price, become Canine Companions Certified Canine Behavioral Therapist online for only $1,497.00

I have compiled actual Training footage from The Last Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Course, had it edited into 10 Individual Course Modules and uploaded them to the Internet. Then I broke down parts of the Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Manual into 10 Individual Modules that accompany the 10 Videos. Download the Manuals to your hard drive there yours to keep. You can watch the videos as many times as you like to help you pass the exam.  Each Module requires you to take and pass a 20 question multiple choice exam on line. Pass all 10 modules and become a Canine Companions Certified Canine Behavioral Therapist Certified By Canine Companions Master Trainers.


You get 10 Canine Companions Canine Behavioral Therapist (CBT) Manuals and get access to watch 10 Canine Companions Canine Behavioral Therapist (CBT) Videos over 15 hours, get Certified today!

You will receive a Diploma, suitable for framing, plus a Certificate of Certification, suitable for framing,  from Canine Companions signed by Master Training Instructor Robert H, Brandau! You also will receive a Canine Companions Certification ID Card, from Canine Companions, which will identify you out in the field as Certified by Canine Companions.


Look what You will learn:


  • Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Canine Psychology
  • How Canine’s use their Senses and how capable are their senses
  • How to Read A Canine’s Body Language and how to use yours to be an effective trainer
  • Learn how a dogs move structurally, how they drink, catch, jump, and bite – with the use of slow motion video
  • Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Dog Bite Prevention and which dogs and breeds to really watch out for – whose bluffing, whose not
  • To Understand Dog Breeds – do you train a big and a little dog the same way, which breed is best? Worst?
    • The Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Wild Dogs Model – male to female ratios, how does the leader get to be leader, who raises the young
    • The Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Principals of Reinforcement and how they apply to training
    • How Canine’s Develop Socially, when is Fear Imprinting and when should you socialize before its to late?
    • How distance effects training the Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Distance Models
    • How Canine’s  experience Fear, how their Memory works, what is Forced Perception and Motivation
    • How to Evaluate A Canine – What is A Temperament Test – how their understood what the results tell you
    • The Types of training equipment there is and how and why to use it or not
    • The Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Secrets to Solving any Canine Behavioral Problem
    • The Secret to House Breaking Your Dog Over Night
    • The Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Secrets to Teaching A dog Chewing Discrimination
    • How to use Confinement and why
    • Understanding, Evaluating and Handling Aggression
    • Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Teaching Each Obedience Command Sit Stay Down Come And Go
    • Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Training Canine Parlor Tricks
    • Plus more…..

     Get Certified Today

    • 10 Modules 10 Videos (1 hour to 2 hours each)  Over 15 Hours of Training
  • plus 10 Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Module Manuals.

Become A Canine Companions Certified

Canine Behavioral Therapist today On Line Certification!

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