Who We Are


Canine Companions has become the ‘go to’ company as Experts on Canine Behavior and Training.

All of our Trainers are Approved Evaluators for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Award, all of our Trainers are Certified Kinship® Psychological Dog Training® Instructors and Certified New Jersey State Animal Control Officers.

No dog is to big or to small we train them all!

Make a Connection Not a Correction


We do dog training because it is our deeply held personal belief that dogs can offer their owners opportunities for companionship…

and its just not experienced frequently enough. Often the only thing needed is training…



I want the dogs we train to have a sense of fun, joy, affection, a natural initiative, know how to play and do their own thinking.

Stick Em Up ‘Otis’ … Good Boy!


I do not want training to take out these things but rather encourage them.

We know that we have to build relationships with the dogs and their owners and earn their trust. Admittedly we do not believe in the idea of a superior being compelling an inferior one to obey orders, but rather in developing contact and building a relationship where the dog can become secure, one that encourages balance, confidence, and contentment.










People always ask us, at our demonstrations, how we make our dogs to do such amazing things, but we don’t make them, they want to do it. We begin by becoming interesting, obtaining respect, and building confidence. The training is fun and the lessons are learned almost without any effort.

Over 30 Years Experience – Est. 1976

Trainer Jen Goldstein training ‘Jersey”


Experience has shown me that dogs want to be friendly, cooperate, and that they will, whenever we do our part. They also want to think well of themselves, be understood and appreciated.

We know how inhibiting it is to their development to hurt their feelings by correcting them. Dogs don’t do bad things from their point of view. We never let a dog feel hurt by anything it has done or failed to do and most of all, never let a dog get into a situation where it could get or receive a correction.

Listen to Robert Brandau speak about Kinship® Psychological Dog Training

…find out why it’s so unbelievably effective!


Trainer Kris Conner training ‘Pablo’

Trainer Kris Conner playing with ‘Pablo’

Logan training Sophie

Trainer Colleen Martin training ‘Bonnie’

Trainer Jen Goldstein playing with ‘Jersey’.

How Canine Companions Got Started

In the mid 1960s, a young Robert Brandau had begun to realize that animals had a unique and special relationship to offer— one he could not put into words, but felt. His friends say that he can talk to animals, all of them. Robert says “being able to listen to them is something that you can learn to do”. He now teaches people about how dogs think and act.







Nobody wants just a trained dog. they want a relationship with their best friend that works. I have bought more people and dogs together than I can count. You could be next. What are you waiting for??? Get Started NOW!